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From an idea written down on a napkin to Sweden's largest training company in property investments in the UK

We were founded by Linda Lindkvist and Michael Jansson who, in just 3 years, managed to replace their 9 to 5 jobs with property income and thereby got more free time and could create a whole new life for themselves and their families. A life they previously could only dream of. 

When they began to receive the surrounding's requests for self-developed education and mentoring, they packaged their knowledge and experiences in different courses and training programs.

In just 2 years, we went from an idea written down on a lunch napkin to a market-leading education company that teaches you to create a safe, secure, passive income and how you become financially free through real estate investments.

Since 2017, we have trained more than 1,000 people in real estate investments and currently employ a team of 27 people in Sweden and the UK. Below, our founders talk about their own journey and why they chose to start Property Effect.

"It only took us 3 years to move from burnt out, exhausted parents with ever-bad conscience, to professional real estate investors and a life full of more time, more energy and greater choice for ourselves and our families"
"Financial freedom does not have to be equated with being traditionally financially wealthy"

Charity trip to Singapore 2017

Hey! We are Linda Lindkvist and Michael Jansson. Today we live a life we ​​could only dream of before. We have become financially free and through this, we have achieved what we call freedom of life.

We know that it is fully possible to create another life. A life filled with greater choice and quality of life. What we have done to become financially free is technically simple. But that does not mean that it is easy. We are the founders of Property Effect and would like to share the company's history and our own journey to freedom with you.

How would you choose to live your life if you didn't have to go to a typical wage job to support yourself? How would you spend your days? How would you feel? How would it affect your immediate surroundings? What difference would it make for others? 


Financial freedom means that you can support your current life situation with an income that comes from outside a traditional salary. This means that you can choose what you want to do during the day. For some people, financial freedom means EUR 1,000 a month, for others EUR 10,000 or more. It does not mean that you need to be traditionally wealthy to be financially free. We are often asked whether we are multi-millionaires because we are financially free. We are not.


However, we work when we want, from where we want and with what we want and have unlimited quality time for what is most important in life for us: our children, families, friends and our health. We have the time and energy to develop ourselves and others. We have the opportunity to spend the days on a variety of things we think are incredibly fun and we do it together with those we really like to spend our time with. 
We see it as an inner, genuine fortune that is worth far more than unlimited money.

We managed to achieve this through real estate investments. In just 3 years, we built a successful property portfolio in the UK that enabled us to support our current life situation through ongoing monthly rental income from our properties. Thanks to that we were able to leave our consuming full-time jobs and then we also got time and energy to devote ourselves to the things we have a real passion for.

In addition to spending more time with ourselves, our families and our health, we are also passionate about entrepreneurship and making a difference for others. Thanks to the fact that we no longer need to go to a traditional job to support ourselves, we have had the time and energy to start several different companies in several countries and in different industries. Companies that make a big difference for other people and who in a short time have grown into a flourishing million euro companies. Property Effect is one of them. We are also passionate about contributing to various types of charity projects. In May 2017, we participated in, among other things, a fantastic charity trip to Singapore. 


Our seminars and webinars on building passive income through real estate investments have attracted thousands of visitors and we have helped hundreds of people in many countries to create strategies to achieve financial freedom and get started with their own property investments.

"We resigned from life as employees"

Our own journey to freedom began in 2014. We both had challenging jobs within high ranking and responsible positions that required more than 60 hour work weeks. We had a constant bad conscience and a feeling of not being enough.

There was never enough time or energy for our children, our health or anything else that gave us genuine joy in life. And we did not have much money left at the end of the month, even though we were doing well. Our lifestyle literally kept breaking us down. We understood that we needed to do something drastic about the situation, but had no idea what or how.  

When we began to forget things, even to pick up our own children from football practice, we felt that burnout was quickly approaching. We finally have had enough and decided to resign from our lives as employees. From a life where others ruled over our time and over our income.

By a coincident, we fell over Robert Kiyosaki's book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" and was introduced to the concepts of passive income and financial freedom. It was the start of our new life. We had previously bought and sold our own homes with profit, but the concept of property investments was far from our conceptual ability. We had no major capital to speak of. We had no knowledge or past experience. So we literally started from zero. The only thing we had was a huge determination to succeed.


Vi har gått utbildningar världen över inom fastighetsinvestering, trading och personlig utveckling. Bland annat hos Robert Kiyosaki i USA och hos Storbritannien största fastighetsinvesterare. Vi har coacher och mentorer som själva är framgångsrika investerare och som lever ett liv i överflöd och i våra internationella investerarnätverk ingår multimiljonärer världen över som hjälper oss nå nya framgångar.

Idag lever vi ett liv i frihet. Vi har all tid i världen för våra nära och kära och för varandra. Vi tar hand om vår hälsa, gör det vi älskar varje dag och har hela världen som vårt arbetsfält. Dessutom behöver inte längre oroa oss för pengar.


Det är vår historia i korthet

"Everything began with a catastrophic speculation"

We started a desperate search for our financial freedom and in our desperation, we chose to go into several questionable speculative projects. We were offered a range of "get rich quick" solutions, ready-packaged property objects, various stock market-related products and investments that we subsequently realized were pure speculation. We lost money on everything we did and every single penny of the small starting capital we had disappeared. Also, our self-confidence also took a hit.

We were close to throwing in the towel right up until we participated in an online Webinar that explained why everything had gone so wrong for us. We had not understood the importance of having the right knowledge in combination with the right mental attitude and the right people to consult and get support from. 

This led to the next phase of our journey towards freedom. 

In the UK there are many so called. "smelly houses". Despite the name, they can be really nice investments.

"KAP" changed everything

Our first property in the UK

Why the UK?

What was it that made us choose to invest in the UK and that we also teach others how they can invest there?


With our experience of failed speculation and with newly acquired knowledge and support of mentors, we began to analyze different real estate markets in order to find the right market for us to invest in. We realized that we had previously totally failed with our basic analysis. As a professional property investor, you need to have a number of aspects in mind in choosing the right market. Among other things, which rental laws and regulations apply for you as a landlord and property owner, what type of investment strategies and financing opportunities are available, and how market trends, supply and demand look. The list can be made long, but these are some of the basic parameters you need to keep in mind in order to be able to make safe investments instead of risky investments.


 With this in mind, the Swedish market and many other markets were no longer an option. It turned out that the UK market is one of the few markets that meet most demands made by professional property investors in order to be able to make secure investments with a stable return.


In the UK, the system is designed to enable foreign investors to establish themselves and, in addition, make it possible to easily make and manage their investments remotely. Something that is important to us. 

Under the RESOURCES, section here on our website, we share with you more information about why we chose to focus on the UK and how you choose the right market and make safe investments. There you will find, among other things, video recordings that help you make successful investments and how you become financially free.

"We grew and evolved from resistance"
"Property Effect was born as an idea on a napkin"

Our results began to awaken a lot of curiosity after a while. Every day we were contacted by new people who sought our support to get started with their own investments. 


Many we met were in despair. Just like us, they had gone through several trainings all over the world that had been deficient and lacked the support and the guidance needed to succeed with property investments. Especially as a foreigner in the international real estate market. 

An idea began to take shape. In fact, on a napkin during a long lunch with one of the many who sought our support. When we repeatedly got the question whether we could offer education, mentoring and consulting, we decided to fill the demand from the market and the gap most of the other educations left behind.

"The journey has just begun - our vision is 1000 financial free"

Nothing makes us happier than seeing other people evolve and change their lives for the better. 

We have devoted our entire professional life to developing people and making businesses more profitable. With our professional backgrounds as teachers, business coaches, and management consultants, it has always been our calling to help others achieve new results. Long before properties and passive income came into our lives.

People are complex but capable of reaching beyond all limitations. We humans are not "molded in one and the same form" and we know that all people have the ability to reprogram their attitudes, thoughts and behavior patterns. And then there will also be new results.

Our students have become our closest friends and we love to celebrate every little success on their financial freedom journey. Property Effect is not just an educational company. We are a family of like-minded people who help each other achieve new results so that we can live our dream life. The life we ​​all deserve.

What started for us as a struggle to achieve our own freedom led to an idea on a napkin and then stroke a nerve and became a movement. Our vision is a 1000 people free, led by the drive to give back and contribute to the freedom of others. If 1000 people are free that help other people achieve the same, we ultimately contribute to many people experiencing a more free life. Then our movement has got a force that makes us powerful in a way to contribute to the world becoming a better place. 

We would love to be part of your journey towards financial freedom and freedom of life.

People over profit

Everything we do is to help other people live a better life. We have a humane approach and our motto is: People over profit. It is the core of our corporate culture, how we take care of our customers, how we have designed our education and how we do business ourselves. This is evident in our approach and in everything we do. We believe that those who are accompanied by good values ​​and intentions also do good business and profits.

Property Effect was founded by the people for the people.



6 months later we bought our first property in the UK without using a single penny of our own money. Then it took us 3 years to build a stable property portfolio that gave us enough rental income and that made us achieve what is called financial freedom. Today, our portfolio is worth millions and we have chosen to switch our investment strategy from the acquisition of finished residential properties to more complex projects where we convert commercial properties into homes.

What made us finally succeed?

We realized that what we lacked was the right knowledge, the right environment, and the right mental attitude and ability to act as professional investors. After our awakening, we chose to attend courses worldwide in real estate investment and personal development. We hired coaches and mentors who are themselves successful investors and who were able to keep us accountable for acting the right way. We joined international investor networks worldwide where we were able to share knowledge, experiences and could help each other achieve new successes. We chose to spend more time with like-minded people who embarked on the same journey as ourselves and opted out of the naysayers, doubters, and questioners from our social life. 

This laid the foundation for our success formula KAP (Knowledge, Action, People). When we started to apply it, we also started doing great deals.

Our financial freedom journey has been far from easy. Learning a new profession as investors have demanded a lot from us. We have spent a lot of time, energy and money on succeeding. We have encountered many fake teachers who have shared their views and theoretical knowledge broadly and widely, without actually having had practical experience.

We have sometimes received incorrect advice that has created problems for us and which has caused us to lose time, money and self-confidence.


We have encountered a lot of resistance, questioning and distrust along the way. And we still do today. We encounter many doubts, critics and questioners who have difficulty believing that what we have achieved is possible. Investments are a sensitive topic for many and we encounter many misinterpretations and limiting beliefs. We often hear the phrase "that is too good to be true" and "you have to have your own money to make money". And: "investing with borrowed money is just filled with risks and doomed to fail".

Is it risky to invest in real estate? Yes, all types of investments are risky, but you can learn to manage the risks and do successful business with the right knowledge, the right people in your environment and by having the ability to act and make the right business decisions correctly. In addition, it is relatively easy to learn to invest in real estate. Something that anyone can handle with the right interest and with the right focus.

Our journey has primarily been an inner journey where we have been forced to push boundaries of our comfort zones, re-evaluate previous truths and even had to cut ties from people we previously spent time with. 

Unfortunately, the world is full of limiting beliefs that prevent many from living their lives to the fullest. We want to be role models for ordinary people who want to change their lives for the better but who do not know how to do it. We exist for everyone but are especially passionate about helping those who dare to challenge traditional and limiting norms and who dare to see things in a new way. And who is looking for new knowledge, new contexts and support for success. Those who dare to succeed and the successful growth in the headwind and evolve in resistance.

That is how Property Effect, Sweden's largest educational company today, in property investment, was born, focusing on the UK.


We have spent thousands of hours developing Property Effect's courses, training and mentor programs for what they are today.

We have met thousands of people at our seminars, workshops, and events and we have helped over 700 people get started with their own property investments. Their results speak for themselves - our education and training make the difference we were hoping for when the idea was born. Our education and training contribute to so much more than an increased ability to make secure property investments. They help you get the ability to change your life for real.

It is also the reason why our education and training is so popular and that we went from an idea on a lunch napkin to becoming Sweden's largest educational company in property investments in just 2 years.

Is property investments for you?

Here you will find out and get started completely free!






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