Terms of Purchase and Use


1. References to "PE" in the purchase and user terms below refer to Property Effect Sweden AB. Org. No. 559166-7638. Address: Diligensvägen 76,13148 Nacka


2. References to "Customer" or "Clients" or "You" in these Terms of Use refer to you as an individual.


3. References to "we" or "us" in these terms refer to PE.




4. You hereby confirm and agree that you have read all terms and conditions of purchase and by signing the order confirmation you agree that this together with these terms constitutes an agreement between you and us.


Terms of Payment


5. Your payment to us is as follows:

a) The entire purchase price as a lump sum upon signing the order confirmation by you without settlement, deduction or counterclaim unless otherwise agreed.

b) If we have agreed on an installment payment / partial payment, this purchase is considered binding and shall be paid in full within the due date and in accordance with the prevailing terms and conditions and without settlement. Seminars, courses and programs must always be paid in full before the seminar / course / program start. In case of non-payment, PE has the right to demand full payment of the remaining amount and this is forwarded to billing with reminder fee and then proceeds to debt collection.


6. Payments made under this agreement must be made via the means of payment specified in the order confirmation.


7. You hereby confirm and agree that the purchase price does not include any meals, travel expenses, accommodation and such expenses. You also agree that we will not be held liable for any other extra expenses that may arise as a result of your participation in any of our seminars, courses or programs.


Sales to minors


8. If you are under 18, you must have permission from your guardians to order from us.


Return Policy


9. For seminars, courses and programs that have a 14 day money back guarantee, the right of withdrawal applies from the date of purchase. If you wish to invoke the right of withdrawal, you must notify us in writing (by e-mail: ekonomi@propertyeffect.com) before the withdrawal period expires.

We will refund your money within one week from the date your cancellation is received. Refund is made to the same account as the payment was made from. If you do not inform us during the withdrawal period, the right of withdrawal will lapse and the money will not be refunded.


10. Upon the right of withdrawal, all access to materials, course portals, web services and other related services is stopped.


Cancellation and postponement


11. PE reserves the right to cancel or postpone seminars and courses due to reasons beyond our control by notifying you in writing.You agree that we cannot be held responsible for any such suspension in any way.


12. You hereby agree that in the event that a seminar, course or education has been interrupted by us, you are only entitled to a refund of the actual amount that you have paid to us, without interest and fees and that you do not have the right to claim against us for any other costs, losses, damages or debts that may arise or cause you as a result of such termination.


13. You acknowledge that you are not entitled to and may not claim repayment other than in strict compliance with Clauses 9 and 18 of these Terms. You further acknowledge that this is an essential agreement in this agreement.


14. You acknowledge and agree that all applications for the right of withdrawal must be subject to approval by PE.


15. By purchasing our services and products, you agree that PE may terminate this Agreement at its sole discretion, and to limit or terminate Customer's participation in seminars or course programs without refund of the fee. This is if the customer acts in such a way as to damage the company or other course participants. This also applies to crimes.


16. To avoid any doubt, we will not refund any amount due to late arrival, non-attendance or withdrawal from our seminars, courses or programs that do not correspond to our right of withdrawal.


17. Individual mentor talks in our Mentor program shall commence within 12 months of the date of purchase. Unused calls within these 12 months are considered a forfeited course location and are not refunded.


Transfer of reservation


18. If you are unable to participate in a course or program that you have booked and paid for, you may transfer your  to a designated new participant with written notice to us along with the full contact information of your nominated new entrant, no later than 14 business days before the seminar / course / program starts. An administrative fee will be payable.


Time and place


19. Your payment entitles you to:

a) Obtain a course or training place with start-up, arrangement and content in accordance with prevailing terms of use copyright and other intellectual property rights.

and or:

c) receive training and course material (in accordance with all terms and conditions relating to copyright, intellectual and non-material property rights and Terms of Use of our material and contents of this agreement).


20. You hereby confirm that you have entered a valid e-mail address and exact contact details in the order confirmation. We are not responsible for and / or responsible for any delays and / or failure to provide you with updated information and / or services that arise because you have not provided a valid email address and your exact contact information.


21. You hereby acknowledge that we reserve the right to change and / or cancel seminars and courses, as well as time, date and place and / or replace the seminar and / or course leader at our events. We will notify you in writing of any change of time, date and place and you are not entitled to any claim for repayment or for any costs, losses, damages or liabilities that may arise or be caused by you as a result of the above changes.


Copyright, intellectual and non-material property rights

22. Copyright © applies to Property Effect. All rights are protected. It is strictly forbidden to conduct video or audio recording and copying, distributing, publishing or editing any of the material available on Property Effect's seminars, courses, websites, course portals and mentoring.


23. PE holds all rights for all intellectual and non-material property used by us to perform seminar services, courses and programs as well as any intellectual and non-material property that we may develop as a result of our seminar services, courses and programs.


24. When performing seminar services, courses or training programs for you, you will not receive any rights (in whole or in part) to any intellectual or non-material property. The rights to all intellectual or non-material property remain with us.


Terms of use of our material and content


25. You purchase access to the content through our course portals / web services for 12 months unless otherwise stated. PE's products are strictly protected by copyright. All products are for your personal, non-commercial use. Other use or use of the material is strictly prohibited and is considered a criminal act and may lead to prosecution or civil action.


26. It is strictly prohibited to use products or materials contained in our seminars, courses, training courses, course portals, or on our websites in a manner that violates our rights, or in a manner that has not been endorsed by PE. You are prohibited from modifying, recording, copying, reproducing, publishing, uploading, posting, transmitting, translating, selling, creating derivative works, exploiting or distributing in any way or forwarding (including via e-mail or other electronic means) anything materials from seminars, courses, educations, course portals or websites. Sharing or uploading product files to share on other websites is considered as theft, and will be handled in accordance with current legislation.


27. You may download and / or print a copy of individual pages on our sites for personal, non-commercial use, provided you do not abuse

copyright and other intellectual property rights.


28. PE offers individual courses and training programs. For payment and registration you will receive a user name and password for your course portal / web service, and a member profile for use during the course period and in the private member portal. If you want to attend the training together with another party, each participant must purchase the training individually. If you want an entire group to attend the training, a separate membership is required for each participating member.


29. For a setup where PE offers 2 participants participate in seminars, courses or programs for the price of 1, one of the participants is required to be a paying party and the one who is considered responsible for our payment terms and receive user information for course portals / websites and associated mailing out . The non-paying party is, however, covered by all other conditions and is thus considered to have also entered into agreements with us in these respects. You hereby acknowledge that we are not responsible for any costs, losses, damages or debts that may arise

or is caused to you or the other party as a result of such arrangement.




30. We respect your integrity and insist that you respect other course participants. Thus, this is a mutual confidentiality agreement that applies to all course participants and representatives of Property Effect.


31. You are free to discuss your personal results from our courses. However, all experience and statements, oral or written, from all other course participants or representatives of Property Effect are strictly confidential.


Security & Privacy


32. When paying online, we use SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which means that all payments are encrypted, ie completely secure. We guarantee that we will never share your personal information or e-mail address with third parties, unless there are special reasons, for example if the Police, Prosecutors or similar authorities request information. You have the right to receive the information we have about you and if you wish to be removed from our customer register, please contact us by e-mail.




33. We:

a) excludes any terms and warranties resulting from custom, general or statutory provisions or that any part of the agreement is void ("non-exclusive terms") and / or

b) Restrict our liability to you for breach of a non-exclusive condition of the total amount actually paid by you under this Agreement and / or c) Limit our liability to you for any claim (whether contract, damages or statutory) for any losses or damages you suffered in connection with giving you the opportunity to purchase our services or products to the total amount actually paid by you under this agreement and / or   

d) disclaim any liability for consequential damages (including but not limited to, lost income or lost profits) that you suffered in any way in connection with the purchase of our products or services or the exercise of your rights under this

agreement; and or

e) are not liable to you for loss of profit, income or income, loss of business, loss of reputation, depletion of goodwill and / or similar losses, loss of anticipated savings, loss of opportunity, loss of use, type of loss was foreseen or reasonably foreseeable or any particular, indirect or consequential damages, costs, damages, fees or expenses you suffered.

f) disclaims all financial claims in connection with inaccuracy in any information through our seminars, websites, video, newsletter, course portal or other content. The information we provide is based on our own experiences. We therefore recommend that you make your own investigations and assessments and consult with specialists in, for example, law, tax law and financing.

g) excludes our responsibility towards you for any progress and results for your own participation in our seminars, courses and programs. We offer no guarantees for income or earnings. You are solely responsible for your actions and your results depend solely on your own personal factors, including your skills, knowledge, abilities, commitment and business acumen, networking and financial situation, to name a few. By purchasing our seminars, courses or programs you agree and consent that you are fully responsible for your own situation and your personal factors.


Limitation and liability


34. By purchasing our products and services, we agree that you use these at your own risk, and that we offer seminar and education services. You exclude the company and its employees from liability for any damage that may occur and any claims that arise in connection with agreements between the parties. You accept all risks, predictable or unpredictable.


Public blackening


35. In the event of a dispute between you and the company, you agree that such a dispute shall be resolved through direct communication between you and the company. You hereby agree not to engage in any form of activity or communication with a third party, public or private, that will result in general business blackmail.


Force majeure


36. Is PE prevented from supplying and providing its products and services due to strikes or other circumstances beyond the control of the parties, such as natural disasters, fire, war, mobilization or unforeseen military calls of the same magnitude, currency restrictions, riots and disturbances, deficiency on means of transport and non-delivery of supplies by subcontractors or manufacturers as a result of events described in this paragraph, PE is exempt from all liability and you are not entitled to claim reimbursement or compensation for any costs, losses, damages or liabilities that may arise or caused you as a result of such a launch.




37. You acknowledge that you have been declared the extent of the product and / or services referred to in this purchase and you agree that the effect of the seminars, courses, and programs provided to you and their profitability is not guaranteed.


38. All warranties given in connection with the purchase of our services can only be used if the terms of the guarantee are met and that written notice is given to us within the warranty period. If you want to claim a warranty, we ask you to prove that you have made your part of the agreement. Upon warranty claim, all access to materials and other related services is stopped




39. You hereby consent to your personal data being stored in the company's register and that if you wish to delete your complete information in these, you have full right to do so in accordance with the GDPR by notifying us in writing via letter or via email (info@propertyeffect.com).


40. You hereby consent to Property Effect contacting you by phone, e-mail, SMS or other means regarding your purchases and future opportunities.


41. You hereby agree that Property Effect has the right to use and publish images and photographs taken by the company during events and lectures for public marketing purposes for the company's products and services. Property Effect manages this marketing highly confidentially by not naming any persons on images and photographs without their explicit consent.


42. You are also aware that your email address is used in mailing lists and for marketing of PE in social media to notify products and / or services offered by PE and / or its subsidiaries. Your contact number and e-mail address will be kept confidential and may never be published, sold or provided to third parties without your express consent. You can unsubscribe at any time from our e-mail messages by using the subscription termination link located at the bottom of each e-mail we send.




43. You agree to accept full responsibility for your purchase, participation and / or the outcome of any decision taken after participating in any PE seminars, courses, programs, or other events. PE and its affiliated entities, associates and any of its representatives are neither liable nor will indemnify you for any costs, losses, damages, liabilities that may arise or result from your decision to purchase our products and / or services at any time.


44. You agree that any purchase decisions will not be affected by past circumstances or contacts with PE or any of its officials, directors, employees or representatives. Should you enter into a contractual relationship with any PE representative at / after your participation as a customer with us, you do so at your own risk and acknowledge that PE is not responsible for any agreements or relationships entered into between yourself and PE representatives.


45. You acknowledge and agree that when the coach's presentation at the event is with the consent of PE, PE will not be liable for the accuracy or appropriateness of any information provided by the event.




46. You hereby acknowledge that you shall provide accurate, up-to-date and complete information that may be required for the purchase of our Services and Products (hereinafter referred to as "Customer's Information"). You further agree to maintain and update your information required to keep these accurate, current and complete.


47. You agree that PE may store and use your information (hereinafter referred to as "Customer Information" provided by you (including charge card information) for the purpose of retaining your Customer Account).


48. Any notification or request deemed necessary to be intended by any of the parties to the other under the provisions of this Agreement shall be in writing and considered to be sufficiently served:

a) If given by either party by registered letter addressed to the other party to be served at his / her address above

b) If given by either party and sent by hand to the party to be served

c) If given by email from either party


49. We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions with advance notice.


50. If any provision of this Agreement by any court would be considered unlawful, invalid or contrary to any rule, statute or regulation, the validity and enforcement of the remaining provisions shall not be affected.


51. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between PE and you on this transaction and supersedes any prior notice, arrangement, representation or agreement, whether or not orally or in writing, between the parties to this Agreement or their representative, no statements or statements by anyone strokes have been made by any party not expressly stated in this agreement shall be binding on such parties.




52. A dispute arising out of this agreement shall preferably be resolved through negotiation between the parties. Otherwise, the parties' legal relationship shall be governed by Swedish law, as applied. Disputes arising from the agreement shall be brought before the Stockholm District Court.


53. This Agreement shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with Swedish law, as applied.

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