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Property Effect is a purely educational company that has since the beginning helped hundreds of people get started with their own property investments and find a way to financial freedom.

We are today a market-leading training company in real estate investments in the UK. All our courses are available in different languages to help you as an international investor to achieve financial freedom through a successful real estate portfolio with stable returns.

We are convinced that anyone can learn to create an alternative source of income through properties, regardless of previous experience and access to start-up capital. We want to make real estate investments available to anyone who wants to create secure, passive income and achieve financial freedom. 

We who run Property Effect own successful real estate portfolios all over the world and have many years of experience from the industry. Everyone in our team has also made the journey from beginner to a professional investor and have encountered many of the challenges you can be facing yourself. Therefore, we know what is required for you to succeed as well.

Sweden's largest property investment company in the UK

We were founded by Linda Lindkvist and Michael Jansson who, in just 3 years, managed to replace their 9 to 5 jobs with real estate income and thereby got more free time and could create a whole new life for themselves and their families. A life they previously could only dream of. 

When they began to receive the surrounding's requests for self-developed education and mentoring, they packaged their knowledge and experiences in different courses and training programs.


Most training in real estate investments is deficient and lacks the support and the guidance required to succeed, especially as a foreigner in the international real estate market.

Because of that, our education is designed in a way that really gives you the right support so that you can create your dream life through real estate investments. 

We currently consist of a team of 27 people in both Sweden and the UK.



Our history
Our team of experts

Our team consists of 27 inspiring and driven people who are based in both Sweden and the UK. We have different backgrounds and expert knowledge. In common, we have a genuine interest in people, real estate and investments and we have an insatiable hunger to help others change their lives for the better.


 All our course leaders and mentors own successful property portfolios all over the world and have many years of experience from the industry. They have also made the journey from beginners to professional investors and have encountered many of the challenges you can face yourself. Therefore, they know what is required for you to succeed as well. 

Local placement - global reach

Our head office is in Stockholm, Sweden and we also have a team in the UK. Our customers are located all around the world. Because most of our training takes place online, you can take the courses no matter where you are in the world. All of our courses also teach you to become a professional investor who will help you manage all your investments remotely.

By people for the people

Everything we do is to help other people live a better life. We have a humane approach and our motto is: People before profit. It permeates our corporate culture, how we take care of our customers, how we have designed our education and how we do business ourselves. This is evident in our approach and in everything we do. We believe that those who are accompanied by good values ​​and intentions also do good business and profits.

Property Effect was founded by people for the people.


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